Forbes article about Fight Club 2.0

One week ago, The CW launched a viral video that has already become the fourth most watched video on its YouTube channel, with the next one up having come out over a year ago. The video was a sequel to last year’s popular Superhero Fight Club ad that featured all three of the network’s superhero shows putting the best of its cast against each other in a cage match. Seeing an opportunity, the network upped the ante in order to sell the one thing it has over Marvel: synchrony.

Since the debut of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., many fans have complained over the studio’s lack of clear connection to the MCU. Yes, the show is impacted by the events of major blockbusters, but the reverse is never true. In addition,S.H.I.E.L.D. also never seems to be aware of the events of the Netflix shows, nor are the Netflix shows in recognition of S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, connections were barely noticeable when differing networks weren’t an issue during the Agent Carter days. However, this is where The CW is thriving.

The new ad is making sure to get across the idea of the “Arrowverse” being a team effort. The Flash, Supergirl,Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow very much live in a world that impacts one another. Characters jump between shows. The events of one show do affect another: like the death of Laurel last season. The CW is getting across, in no uncertain terms, their universe is actually speaking to the different pockets of itself, which is something Marvel, currently, can’t seem to do.

Moreover, this doubling down on its one big advantage over the competition is a major strategy being utilized by Warner Bros. this season. The studio spent all summer signing the likes of John Barrowman of Katie Cassidy to complex overall deals that will allow them to jump between shows without there being a stiff financial compensation required to make it happen. Instead of their deals being with any one particular show, it’s with Warner Bros. Television as a whole. Its an ingenious way to give a whole new perspective to The CW’s world.

In such a short time, The CW’s marketing department has already proven itself worthy of this season’s ad budget.Superhero Fight Club 2.0 was a massive success that does far more than just promote this season’s superhero slate. It also promotes the vision everyone has for the universe. It’s an ingenious piece of marketing that also serves as a great teaser of things to come while still being a compelling short film all its own. At least for now, when it comes to a complete, on-screen universe, Warner Bros. Television has Marvel Television’s number.

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