howardFounder and President / Executive Producer

Howard Barish – Howard Barish gained his initial production experience in the thriving Canadian film & television industry. After receiving his degree, with honors in film and television production from York University in Toronto, he worked as a 1st Assistant Director and on numerous feature films and television productions for CBC, Paramount Television, Alliance Entertainment, Grosso-Jacobson, Nelvana Ltd. and KingWorld, among others.

In 1991 Barish moved to Los Angeles to join Directions International as its Senior Staff Producer. There he became immersed in the world of network on-air promotion and celebrity-driven commercials for clients like ABC, NBC and Disney. 

In 1992, Barish formed Kandoo Films, Inc., where he originally focused on the production of numerous network branding and image campaigns. After establishing a name in the industry, Barish launched a development division, as his passion for storytelling and long form production never ceased. He served as Executive Producer for E! Entertainment's reality series, THE ENTERTAINER, starring Wayne Newton; produced FOX Television Network’s historic 24INSIDE, a webisode series that lasted four years, dedicated to fan’s of the station’s hit show; and produced programming for Rainbow Media’s High-Definition channel where he oversaw global production for five original HD sports programs, including: BIG AIR, FACE TIME, BOING, ROOSTERTAIL, and PLAY 16:9.

In addition, Barish produced the television special HELLO BEAUTIFUL: INTERLUDES WITH JOHN LEGEND and ESPN’s prestigious documentary VENUS VS. VENUS VS was the inaugural film for ESPN’s Nine For IX series and was nominated for an NAACP “Outstanding Documentary” Spirit award.

Feature film producing credits for Barish include: THE 13th, AND PUNCHING THE CLOWN, FIZZY BUSINESS, GLITTER GIRLS, THE STUPIDEST ANGEL, I WILL FOLLOW, and MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, the latter of which has spawned multiple awards including the John Cassavetes Spirit Award, a Gotham Award, Sundance Best Director and two Black Reel Awards.


allanStaff Producer

Heading up the live-action production team, Al brings Kandoo over 20 years experience in commercial television and on-air promo production. Starting his career at Raleigh Studios, he served as the Assistant General Manager of Raleigh Studio Operations, prior to segueing into a full-time career in live-action production. In addition to hundreds of network promos and commercials, Al has also produced numerous music videos, corporate films and has worked on feature films.

Managing all the details is second-nature to Al, so every client is super-served with the utmost professional care and attention on each project. Al is the consummate professional and he brings the Kandoo team in-depth production knowledge and boundless energy.


mikeProduction Manager

Born in Illinois and raised on early 90's movies, Mike moved to Los Angeles with a degree in Digital Media Production and a passion for storytelling. After working his first Production Assistant job in 2008, on Fast and Furious, Mike knew he was right where he wanted to be and began working on every project he could from pre-production to post before finding a permanent home at Kandoo Films.

Starting as the Assistant to the Creative Director and progressing to Production Manager and now a producing roll, Mike has worked on a number of Kandoo Projects. He manages the day to day operations of the Kandoo Offices in Los Angeles, when not managing the sets of Kandoo’s Independent Film Slate.  



As an editor and post-production specialist, Alex Ivany has always found his knack for visual storytelling in the editing room.

A Chapman Film school alumnus, Ivany has edited several documentaries that have received various festival attention and both premiered at the American Documentary Film Festival.  In addition, he has been the assistant editor on several recent productions directed by Ava Duvernay, including “The 13th” and “August 28th”.  Currently, Ivany is an assistant editor on an indie feature called “Little Star”.  He has also just completed editing a feature indie comedy called “Northwood Pie”, which is currently seeing festival attention.

Ivany never shies away from any editorial endeavor, and constantly enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to edit.


Office Manager

Lindy launched her freelance career in Production after graduating cum laude from Columbia College Chicago’s Film and Video Department.  The newest member of the Kandoo team, Lindy possesses a variety of experience from equal time in the field and in the Production Office. 

Translating the logistics of taking a story from page to screen is her passion, which typically results in Ms. Randall performing the roles of Production Coordinator or Assistant Director on shorts, feature films, and reality television.  She has also held several managerial positions in the civilian sector in settings such as restaurants and escape room experiences, furthering her ability to assign attention to the little details that keep the machine running. 

Get the shot.  Make the day.  Tell the Story.